Alexander Breen

I’m currently a B.A./M.S. student at Boston University in the graduate school of computer science. At BU I’ve worked as a course assistant for introductory computer science courses. I’ve also worked as a teaching fellow in computer science courses at Harvard University, in the Division of Continuing Education. For a list of these courses, see the courses page on this site. A brief history of my work and education is also available.

My personal and academic interests include natural and programming languages, software engineering, systems programming, and UNIX. Whatever small projects I maintain or contribute to can also be found. When I’m not in front of a computer or chalkboard, I’m usually playing video games or dealing cards in poker.

I sometimes write short articles about mainly computer science topics. You can find them here.

If you are enrolled in a computer science course or find programming interesting, there is a section of this site with resources you may find useful. That section also includes articles I’ve written covering standard undergraduate computer science topics.