Using SSH to connect to Harvard’s servers

June 13, 2013

If you use Windows, you must first download a SSH client like PuTTY or SecureCRT.

If you use a Mac, you already have the tools to connect. Open the Terminal application from the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder.

If you use Linux, you should already have the tools to connect. Open the Terminal or Console application.

On Windows, you should match the credentials below to whichever application you choose to download. If you use a Mac or Linux, skip to the section after the Connection details section.

Connection details

Port: 22 (if needed)
Username: (your Harvard FAS account username)
Password: (your Harvard FAS account password)

Command-line usage of ssh

The ssh program can be used to connect to from the command line. Invoke the ssh program with the following program arguments:

ssh <username>@<hostname>

For example, if your username was jsmith and you were connecting to, you might type


and the ssh program would initiate the connection. After connecting, you will see a password prompt. Type your password and then press return. You will not see asterisks after each character typed. This is for your security.